Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me a visualization of my logo and name on a badge? Yes we would be happy to, just email your info and let us know what size and fill options you would like to see.

Can I send my own completed layout? Yes, you can send your layout over as a vector file with all fonts converted to outlines or you can send your font files with the layout to make personalizing future orders easier.

What kind of file format is best for logo files? Vector files such as EPS, PDF, SVG and AI are typically the best, however if you have a jpg or other image file you can send it over and we can review it to make sure it is high enough quality to be used.

Do you ship outside of the USA? No, we only ship within the USA.

Do you offer rush service? Yes. See Information on the Shipping Page for more details.

Will I receive an invoice? Yes, once your order is placed you will receive two emails, the first will be a receipt for your credit card transaction, the second will be an order confirmation email with the details of your order.

Can I order just one name badge? Yes.

Can I have a custom shaped badge or lapel pin? Please contact us with your idea, there are some limits in size, materials, and shape.

Why do all of your options have a dye fill or a dark core? Because we want people to be able to see the engraving. Wood and bamboo when engraved doesn't have great contrast, and especially working with such small items like name tags, we want to make sure the contrast is functional. We go out of our way to achieve this while keeping a natural look using darker wood or plant based brown dye.

Where does the bamboo come from in your premium USA grown and crafted name badges? It is growing happily in Durham, North Carolina where we are located, we harvest and heat treat the bamboo before sanding and laser cutting the badges, our process is a little more involved than just buying imported mass-produced stock, and the quality and craftsmanship is evident.

Why the walnut dye? We make this natural plant based dye from the husk of black walnuts, the fruit of a common native tree species in the eastern part of the US. When researching natural dye options, we learned about how Native Americans used this plant material to make dye. Adding dye to the engraving makes our options far superior to other bamboo or wooden options that are just relying on the naturally lower contrast of engraving.



Place your order online at your convenience by making a secure payment with a credit card.

You can include the text to be engraved when ordering online or you can email a spreadsheet or list to sales@namebadgers.com

We will send you a layout to review, we will only move ahead with engraving once you have given final approval.

For new customers we are more than happy to email multiple rounds of layout revisions as needed in establishing the default design.

Add your Logo. You can email your logo to sales@namebadgers.com

Use your Font. You can email your font file to sales@namebadgers.com